About Us

About Our Team

Integrity Consulting Services, LLC  was born out of a simple, but powerful and personal desire – to provide the best, most effective organizational leadership and behavior modification consulting services period. Of course, this is a pretty hefty goal, but through years of hard work and by building an excellent team of the highest educated, most proficient consultants we could find, and by developing a stellar reputation among various educational and business institutions as a hands-on consulting service that actually delivers on it says, we feel we’re closer to that goal every day.

Our success, is your thriving institution.

About Our CEO

DrIntegrity Consulting Services, LLC is headed up by President and CEO Dr. Yvette Bartee, a woman who has devoted her life to helping leaders take hold of their natural abilities, and use their positions for the betterment of their employees, staff, and general community. Dr. Bartee thinks that, “to whom much is given, much is required”, which is why she believes that a great leader is one who empowers others rather than simply seeks power itself.

With over a decade of experience in human behavior, counseling, alternative education, organizational leadership, and consulting, Dr. Bartee has been able to combine her diverse array of experiences in industries ranging from K-12 public education to non-profit organizations, to students in the juvenile justice system, with her knowledge of how humans behave on an optimal level to create comprehensive consulting services that aid entire organizations from the bottom up.

Dr. Bartee received her Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Masters of Science in Counseling from Alabama State University. She went on to earn her Doctor of Education in Organizational Leadership from Nova Southeastern University. She is a published author and has served as guest expert speaker on WVAS 90.7 of Alabama State University, as well as guest presenter at many national alternative education conferences and community forums.