Behavior Modification Consulting

Each approach to training is unique, and caters to the needs of the individual client in which we serve. Based on the findings of the needs-based assessment, Integrity’s skilled consultants can provide a variety of program development recommendations and training opportunities to our clients. Program development aims to assess a pending and/or potential hindrance within an organization or society and creates a formal strategic plan to systematically address the problem.

Through a needs-based assessment, Integrity can be very helpful in assisting school districts, leaders, current staff members and business organizations in the following:

  • Identify problems and solutions within the organization, which can include, but are not limited to leadership practices, student discipline, parental involvement programs/campaigns, employee morale/engagement/empowerment (reward/incentive system), teambuilding, strategic planning, etc.,
  • Make the most sufficient recommendations to provide the most efficient and effective results based on research based practices that would enable the desired outcome, goals and/or objectives and visit(s),
  • Help clients in the development of a customized-based program(s) that is designed to address and meet the needs within the organization, as well as assist with practice implementation through onsite coaching, monitoring of data results, providing feedback, consultation, ongoing follow-up (phone/email/onsite), program progress monitoring and post assessment survey.