Needs-based Assessment

Portrait of a happy African American entrepreneur displaying computer laptoOrganizations often have a solid idea of what they need. How exactly to get what they need, on the other hand, is a completely different story. In any organization large or small — from five employees to five thousand – there are always going to be many different personalities, levels of management, and working parts functioning to make a whole. The goal of the whole is to keep the organization itself running. This causes a culture, and once this culture is established it can be very difficult to see different pathways, because the organization itself has grown accustomed to doing things  a certain way.

What Integrity Consulting Services, LLC does is bring about a brand new, fresh perspective based on your current needs. By bringing someone in outside of your enclosed organizational culture, you’re able to gain a third-person bird’s-eye view of where improvements need to be made in order to accomplish your goals. Our needs-based assessment will provide just that.